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LiFT 21st May

Good Afternoon My Friends,

How are you?

I must confess to being a little bit excited as I begin to think about what to take with me for our three days at the seaside! A good book and my swimming costume are already set aside, it will be like a mini retreat I hope. Please be patient if you email me. I will be back in circulation at the end of next week and will try to respond to anything urgent at the earliest opportunity.

And so on to more important news – tonight we will be having the first meeting of the newly formed Ministry Area Transition Team (MATT).This group of people will be driving all that is required for us to be ready to formally institute the new Ministry Area in the new year. 

The team is made up as follows – 


Cathryn Brooker

Ann Clarke

Mark Durbin

Kay Spencer

Kevin Hasler


David Lee

Lynne Eilertson

Robert Evans

Gerry Hawkins

Sally Ingle-Gillis


Scilla Greenland

Robert Aitken

Jan Millett

Sue Russell

John Collier

There is also a Communications Group which meets in a couple of weeks.

Dee Seabourne is our nominated person on that group.

I am extremely grateful to all those who are willing to work as part of these groups and I am confident that we have brilliant people with excellent skills ensuring that the new structure will be effective, generous, and will enable us to grow God’s church for many years to come. Please hold them all in your prayers. I expect you will be hearing from them in due course as they begin the work and seek information, advice, and support from us all. 

As we begin the serious work of change I am aware that anxieties might be stirring. Please do not hesitate to be in touch if you have any questions or concerns. What we are about to do will happen, without question, but if we can proceed kindly and gently, honouring God’s call to us to love each other, as he loves us, then I think we have an exciting and hopeful future. I really do.

With love to you, and many prayers for our future together,

Sally xxx

Don’t forget Compline on Sunday at 8pm –

Meeting ID: 899 9891 1774

Passcode: COMPLINE— 

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