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LiFT 14th May

Good afternoon friends,

Ascension Day marks Christ finally leaving the earth after his resurrection and going up to heaven to be with God the Father. It is forty days since we celebrated Easter and I can’t decide whether that is a long time or a short time.

I do know that afternoon tea via Zoom on Sundays hasn’t been as successful as coffee in the mornings was. I don’t mind, I suspect that people have other things to do and are perhaps having time with family or are even meeting with people in person. How wonderful that we can start to meet up again. I have had a few cups of coffee and one or two slices of cake in various coffee shops this week which has felt like such a treat. I propose that this Sunday is our last afternoon Zoom tea, but I am very happy to arrange another day and time during the week if people would still like to meet up.

Please let me know and I’ll see what suits most people. 

Equally, if you fancy meeting in small groups in person, in line with the regs., get yourselves together and invite me along. If I can come I will! I want to get to know you. I really do.

Just a little reminder about something that is continuing on Zoom – our Sunday evening Compline will be at 8pm. The link is below. There is a small team of people taking it in turns to lead these services and I invite you to give it a try if you’ve never been. I always sleep better afterwards, and highly recommend it. I’d really rather like to come in my pyjamas but perhaps that’s a step too far 🙂

Also don’t forget that if you can’t get to a building for worship on Sunday we have a service on YouTube at 6pm each SUnday. You can also find my Just Five Minutes reflections there.

On Sunday 23rd May St. Mary’s Usk will be having coffee after church in the churchyard. The risk assessment for this is being written, and if you are a member of one of our other church communities and would like to think about being sociable after the service in a safe way, let’s chat and see what we can do. I’ve missed coffee after church and with the current rota all our service leaders are able to loiter and don’t have to rush off to another service, which we find very lovely.

Finally can I just give you prior warning that I will be disappearing for three days soon – Will and I are escaping to Aberystwyth late on Sunday 23rd May and will be back late on Wednesday. Our intention is to sit in the bay window of our hotel, watching the sea, reading and eating, and I might even take a dip or two! Please don’t judge me.

Thank you all for all that you are doing, and for all your kind words and encouragement. You’re a fantastic bunch of people and I’m very glad to be part of your church communities.

With love,
Sally xx

Church Tea Sunday 16th May 4pm
Meeting ID: 816 3488 6318
Passcode: CAKE

Compline Sunday 16th May 8pm
Meeting ID: 899 9891 1774
Passcode: COMPLINE
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