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LiFT 30th April

Good afternoon dear friends,

Another week has passed as we continue to be an active and visible Christian presence in our communities. My weeks seem to fill up with interesting conversations and opportunities and it is often, although it perhaps shouldn’t be, a constant surprise to me that there are themes and common elements cropping up. This week the themes have all been about trusting God and how our human nature can get in the way of us having faith and belief that God is with us, and loves us. I mention this because I think it does no harm for us to know that when we wobble or have questions that is really very normal and in fact, if we are brave enough to seek answers and to continue in our faith journeys despite the wobbles, that actually results in us becoming better Christians, and our faith will deepen. So take heart! You are not alone in your questions and your searching, We are all in this together!

What do I need to tell you about this week?

Four things – 

Christchurch Coed y Paen will soon be re-opening beginning with a service of Evening Prayer on May 16th, 6.30pm. Please contact the wardens if you would like to go.

The service in Usk on 23rd May is now at 10.30am, not 8am. Please contact the wardens if you will be attending.

We are going to trial a regular Compline slot, on Zoom. This will be on Sundays beginning 9th May 8pm, and will be every Sunday for a trial period. I will send out the link nearer the time. Whilst I am happy to lead these, I will not be able to run them all and in fact, we learnt through Holy Week that there is a lot of pleasure in having the service led by different people as each of us brings a different creatively to this simple, and beautiful service. It really is a lovely way to end the day. If you would be willing to lead occasionally, it would be lovely to get together a little team and a rota, so please drop me a line if you are interested.

Finally, we will be meeting for tea and cake on Sunday afternoon at 4pm, via Zoom. No obligation to come but it would be lovely to see you –

Church Tea

Meeting ID: 816 3488 6318

Passcode: CAKE

Don’t forget I am always pleased to hear from you so don’t hesitate to be in touch if you fancy a chat or have any suggestions.

With love,

Sally xx– 

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