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LiFT 26th March

Good evening friends,

Lent is nearly over! But as is often the way when things near their finish, it all gets a little bit harder before it gets better! Our Palm Sunday Service will be followed by Compline in the evening. We then have Compline on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday next week, before we think about Maundy Thursday and the Last Supper. These services will be live, via Zoom, and promise to be very special. Good Friday will bring our Lenten observations to a climax, before we rejoice and celebrate Easter Morning together. If you come the whole journey with us I think it will be a meaningful and encouraging experience. 

The details for Compline have already been sent, and I will send details for Maundy Thursday (7pm) and Good Friday early next week. 

I have been deeply moved and found great hope for our future in the way that we have worshipped together since I arrived. Thank you for your generosity and willingness to embrace everything I have thrown at you. We need to think of ways to keep the social opportunities across the churches alive so I would be very grateful if you could have a think, and then contact me if you think there is something we can do that would help us to continue the family feel we have developed, and reduce the risk of us all hiding back in the various scattered buildings.

We have a Zoom link that can be used easily, for all sorts of things, so let me know!

I hope to see you in church coffee on Sunday, and please note, this will be the last Zoom coffee on Sunday. Booooooooo! 

With love,
Sally xx

Usk Ministry Area Online Sunday service – 9.30am Sunday 28th March

Zoom Coffee After Church 10.30am Sunday 28th March
Meeting ID: 857 0203 3318

Zoom Lent in a Bag (each date is the same link, and each week the four sessions will cover the same material)Monday 2pm (led by Raglan MA)Tuesday 9.30am (led by me)Tuesday 3pm (led by Goytre MA)Thursday 2pm (led by Raglan MA)
Meeting ID: 999 2724 0868
Passcode: LENTEN


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