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LiFT 18th June

Good afternoon to you, how have you been this week?

I have spent this afternoon trying to pull together my sermon for Sunday, it hasn’t proved to be very easy! Do you ever have occasions when things that you think are going to be easy turn out to be hard, and vice versa? I have learnt this the hard way during many many DIY tasks, and sermons for that matter. Very often the more obvious readings are the harder to make sense of, or to find something fresh upon which to reflect. And that is the case this week. 

I do wonder whether we are good at spotting when something is harder than we expect, but less good at recognising when something comes easily? This equates well to praying I think. When everything is hard, or desperate we know to pray. We find many ways of asking, perhaps even begging, for God’s guidance and support. But do we remember to pray prayers of thanks when something has gone well and we have good news? I have a love of words and language and so I like to find snappy ways of motivating or reminding myself of important concepts and considerations. On that basis I recommend to you the notion of adopting “an attitude of gratitude”! That is, remembering to thank God when all is well, something that it is easy to forget or neglect to do.

In other news I would like to draw your attention to a strategy initiated by the RSPB. Please have a look at what they are asking us to consider being part of, it’s not until September and will fit very well with our efforts to become more environmentally aware as we explore ecochurch status.

As usual here is  a quick round up of the online opportunities, that are in addition to our Sunday in person rota, and Thursday healing service in St. Mary’s, Usk, at 11am.

Sunday Compline 8pm

Meeting ID: 899 9891 1774

Passcode: COMPLINE

Sunday Service 6pm on YouTube

Wishing you a lovely weekend, and now I must get back to that sermon!

With love,

Sally xxx– 

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