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LiFT 16th April

Good afternoon lovely people,

Doesn’t a little bit of sunshine make a difference? I had the great pleasure of a guided tour of Usk Castle this week in preparation for its annual service on St. George’s Day. The chapel there, open air, and beautifully located, is dedicated to St. George and I have been invited to conduct the patronal festival service next week, on 23rd April, at 11am. The service follows the traditional 1662 liturgy and I am delighted to continue this tradition. The service is open to the public, so do please join us if you would like.

So much about what we do in the church is to honour the past, but I think we also recognise the need to change and modernise. We have obviously made huge changes to our worship with the advent of online services, and there are structural changes on their way with the new Ministry Area arrangements. I am determined that in that context we will not lose the important parts of our church life and church communities that are local and unique to their settings. So much of what you, what we, are doing depends on relationships with our friends and neighbours and it is a huge relief that I can now start to get out and about a bit more, to really begin to understand what is important to you all. I hope we can start to spend time together in person, I want to hear your hopes and dreams.

It is likely that we will continue on a reduced Covid rota for a while longer, for everyone’s safety so please do feel free to go on tour! As and when we can we will be adding more opportunities to the Sunday rota as it currently stands. When your usual church doesn’t have a service you can worship elsewhere knowing that there will be space for you. Just contact the local church wardens to ensure they can reserve a place for you.

Finally, can I remind you that we meet for tea and cake on Zoom on Sundays at 4pm. Cake is optional! This Sunday will be a chat and catch up, and then next Sunday, 25th April, Sarah Byford has very kindly offered to run a quiz for us. Please do come, it’s important to continue to find ways to enjoy our ministry area friendships, and this is such an easy way to do it.

Church Tea Zoom 4pm Sunday 18th April

Meeting ID: 816 3488 6318

Passcode: CAKE

With love and prayers,
Sally xx

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