Christian Baptism has been carried out by the Church for around 2,000 years.  It is an occasion of great joy for the Church and a defining moment in a person’s life.  In the UK we take baptism for granted, but in some parts of the world being baptised requires immense courage as it can lead to imprisonment and persecution.

Baptism is an outward act with an inward and spiritual meaning.  Very simply it is about…

  1. Identity.  A Christian is someone who identifies with Jesus Christ in his death and resurrection.  They have a relationship with him, follow him, and do what he would do.
  2. Cleansing.  During the service the candidate(s) will have water poured over them.  Water is a powerful symbol to show how Jesus Christ washes away a person’s sins and gives them a new fresh start.
  3. Initiation and belonging.  It marks the beginning of membership of the Church, the family of God.

Adults and older children who are baptised make their own statement of faith and promises to follow Jesus.  Younger children however are too young to do this.  Therefore parents and godparents make promises on their behalf until such time as the children are old enough to own the promises for themselves.

Parents and godparents therefore have a tremendous responsibility to ensure that the promises they make for the child are taken seriously and come to fruition, which is why they themselves should be practising Christians.

Further information about Baptism (sometimes known as Christening) please follow this link to the Church In Wales Website:

Baptism takes place during a regular Sunday morning service.  If you are interested in arranging a Baptism in any of our churches please contact one of the Ministry area Team.