LiFT 9th February

Good evening friends,

I trust this week is proving fruitful and is unfolding as you need it to?

The extraordinary busyness of the last few weeks encouraged me to have a proper look at how I’m spending my time and then reflect on whether I’m getting my balances right between church, family, and sleeping. It was a fascinating analysis and I wondered whether you might be interested?

I sort of divide my day into chunks of two hours, or into three parts (morning, afternoon, and evening), depending on what I’m doing. Here’s how the week looked from Friday morning last week through until this evening – 

1 complete rest day (I had a wonderful lie in!)

4 services

2 wedding couple meetings

8 home visits 

1 hospital visit

4 meetings

2 social activities with church groups 

1 recording and uploading of Just Five Minutes

1 session in school

1/2 day service preparation and sermon writing

1/2 day diocesan study event

150 emails either received or sent!

That last one is a shocker isn’t it? I had no idea until I actually counted!

My analysis was that apart from the last one, the emails, I was pretty happy with the balance and variety. There’s lots to celebrate in a visible and outward facing ministry, and what isn’t there but I can assure you happened, was that every one of those activities was rooted in and surrounded by prayer, heaps and heaps of it. I couldn’t do it without! Is there anything there that surprises you?

How does your week look? Do you think that you are getting your balance right? Are you making space for everything that matters? What would you like to do differently? It’s almost a sort of spring cleaning of our calendars and priorities, which is no bad thing. I commend it to you 🙂

And perhaps that is enough for this week? I am off tomorrow and am planning to go to Cardiff, which is always a pleasure.

I am keeping you in my prayers, every one of you, and am always happy for you to be in touch .

With love,

Sally xx– 

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