LiFT 7th September

Good evening all,

It’s good to be back. I really mean that – I had a wonderful holiday and packed loads in, and as a result felt really well rested and refreshed. As I began the holiday I had a repeated prayer that was actually something I heard rather than said – 

“Refresh me, 

revive me, 

show me”

The first two of that triplet have certainly been given, now I wait to be shown what this season will bring and what we are to do with it. I wonder, what do you think we should be thinking about next?

This week back has been so busy but lots has been achieved and I’m really looking forward to being at the Usk Show on Saturday. I can think of nothing better than roaming around our agricultural show having conversations with new people and being the church visible in the place God wants it to be!

What do I need to tell you?

Well, by now you have all heard Kevin’s news that he will be leaving us at the end of November. The conversation (at a higher level than me!) has already begun about  the future and I am confident that we will be fine! Kevin has done an excellent job in setting up the ministry area so we have good foundations and are in a better place than some others. Kevin is with us until the end of November and plans for a good send off and gift will follow in due course.

Finally can I make one of my frequent prayer requests please? As the ministry area beds in and we learn new processes I think we are vulnerable to dis-ease and disagreement. Let us pray that as Chirstians we can speak kindly, work together even when we disagree ,and that we can find God’s will and purpose in all that we do. Our money and our buildings are tools for his mission, let us find ways of making that exciting, creative, and possible. Thank you 🙂

With love to you all,

Sally xxx

–Please note I will not usually reply to emails received on Fridays as this is my rest day. If you need me urgently please send me a voicemail on my mobile number. Thank you for your understanding.

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