LiFT 7th December

Dear friends,

Have you been washed away yet? I wish I understood how weather and physics work – where does all the rain come from and where does it all go?! It is during weeks like this that I am reminded to be throughly grateful for a warm house, an adequate roof, food in the fridge, and money to pay the bills. Sometimes we forget how much we have and how comfortable we are, even when we don’t feel it. Which isn’t to say that everyone is lounging in a life of luxury, but it’s all comparative isn’t it? If you are quietly struggling in any way, or know of someone who is, please be courageous and make contact with me. I have access to some small pots of money which might be useful, and can certainly be shared discretely and kindly, without any judgement. That’s a genuine offer.

I am currently trying to get the last bits of church Christmas preparation sorted out – I think I have three sermons to write, a little bit more general prep to do, and some resources to gather, then I need to just check that everything is organised and will be easy to pick up and use for all the very special services we have coming up. I’ve already been involved in several, and am delighted with how much effort churches and people are going to, to make our places welcoming and celebratory. It’s such an important time of year and we have so many opportunities to  show people how positive it is to be people of faith, and how welcoming we are as Christians in our communities. 

Once all the church stuff is ready and done I can make a little bit of space to plan the family things! My parents are with us this year, so ten to cater for, with all their dietary preferences, not to mention Father Christmas – despite them all being far too old to believe we still try to keep the magic going. 

All that said, I have found this poem a really useful one to pray with, as I begin my preparations for us all, perhaps you will find it useful too (I’m sorry I can’t recall who wrote it, but it wasn’t me!) – 

When we offer a glass of water to a thirsty person

It is Christmas

When we cloth a naked person with a gown of love

It is Christmas

When we wipe the tears from weeping eyes

It is Christmas

When the spirit of revenge dies in me

It is Christmas

When in my heart I want to love my neighbour

It is Christmas

When I am buried in the being of God

It is Christmas

With my love to you all,

Sally xx

–Please note I will not usually reply to emails received on Fridays as this is my rest day. If you need me urgently please send me a voicemail on my mobile number. Thank you for your understanding.

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