LiFT 6th October

Good Evening all,

The week has been tremendously busy and I am learning lots. It’s exhausting though, being in training!

I am aware that lots of you are working very hard in our churches, preparing for harvests, or funerals, supporting friends who are struggling, concerts, and all the other lovely things that are going on. Thank you so much. You really do step up, working hard and loving well!

I’m not sure I have much to share with you today, there’s a lot going on but it has all been shared and is happening as we expect, and I don’t like repeating myself! That said, I would like to give an extra plug for two things – 

  •  the Taize service on Sunday at 7pm in St. Mary’s Usk. It is an informal, gentle service, open to everyone who is seeking a quiet, enriching end to their day. If you like music, singing, and space and quiet, it is the service for you. Please do give it a try.
  • – also, St. Madoc’s Llanbadoc service on Sunday at 5pm is choral evensong, with Birdsong choir. It will be celebrating harvest and promises to be a musical feast! Definitely worth considering.

I would also like to seek your opinion about this –

we have been making contributions to the Ravens House Foodbank over the last few months, horrified by the reduction in donations. I was chatting with Gloria Dolan at the Catholic Church in Usk recently who said that the food bank she used to run for all our local villages has closed because donations completely dried up. However the need hasn’t.

Gloria is very willing to set this back up, for the benefit of all our communities. However, she needs to know that there will be food donated (the usual dried goods and easy foods).

Please could I have some feedback from you, as to whether you might be willing to make donations more locally? There’s no right or wrong answer, I just don’t want to encourage Gloria to restart the local provision if we cannot make a meaningful contribution to it!

All your comments will be kept confidential.

And that, I think, is that!

I hope your week ends well. I would be very pleased to know that you might include in your prayers, all those who are struggling personally. Names are not as important as the general intent. God knows who we are offering to him.

Much love to you all,

Sally xxx– 

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