LiFT 5th May

Good evening everyone,

What a sunny day it has been. Have you voted?

It’s been a strange week for me – lots of good things but very little routine. I had always thought I disliked routine but I now believe that a little of everything is probably what suits! Some routine, some surprises, some little tasks, and some huge ones. How about you? I am rambling I know!

What news do I have? I’m not sure there is any really. The weeks after Easter tend to be a bit strange, and for us at the moment we are looking towards our special service with Bishop Cherry to begin the Heart of Monmouthshire Ministry Area on 26th May. As well as that I suspect that many of you are involved in local efforts to plan events for the Queen’s jubilee, there is certainly a lot going on towards the end of this month and the beginning of June.

I think it would be a good idea to hold each other in prayer over the coming weeks as life continues to be busy and the pace continues. Let’s keep our eyes and ears open to each others’ needs and remember that we can do all things in God’s strength, and that we don’t need to rely on our own energy alone. As I chat with people I am aware of some wonderfully supportive networks across our communities, which I find encouraging and reassuring. Thank you for looking after each other so well.

Perhaps that is a good place to finish. Not forgetting of course that we will have Compline on Sunday evening and Morning Prayer on Monday. Links are below, as always,

Have a super weekend and I hope the sun continues to shine,

With love,
Sally xxxx

Monday Morning Prayer 9am

Meeting ID: 976 3247 4924

Passcode: Heart

Compline Sunday 8pm

Meeting ID: 899 9891 1774

Passcode: COMPLINE


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