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LiFT 4th June

Good afternoon my friends,

Are you aware that this week is a week celebrating volunteers and all that they contribute to improve the lives of others. And that includes you! Almost every single person in our churches volunteers in some way, be that visibly by offering hours to food banks and other charities, or those less visible ways, such as keeping our buildings safe or keeping an eye on our neighbours. 

Whatever you do either within our churches or in the wider community, thank you! Churches are at the heart of huge numbers of voluntary activities that make our communities richer, safer, or more equitable, and it is by doing this that we offer the love of God in meaningful ways. As Christians we are called to be outward looking, using our energy to care for our neighbours. Thank you for all that you do to demonstrate Christian love to those who do and those who do not regularly worship with us.

So many of our opportunities to be at the centre of our communities have been curtailed over the last year or so, and it is wonderful to see social events and plans slowly begin to be discussed, dreamt about, and considered. Thank you.

I’d like to offer a little reminder about our Sunday evening Compline services. These are at 8pm on Zoom and are a wonderful way to finish the day. They are led by a variety of people, and if you would like to lead one please let me know. 

Finally, I am not available on Wednesday next week as I and several colleagues across the diocese attend a time management seminar. You can expect the new, ultra efficient me to be back on the job on Thursday!!

Keep in touch, you know where to find me if you would like to chat.

With my love and prayers,

Sally xx

Topic: Compline Sunday 8pm

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