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LiFT 3rd March

Good evening everyone,

Well! What a week! If you could see the amount of donations we have received from across our communities into St. Mary’s Church Usk, for those who have become displaced from Ukraine, you would probably weep with me. The response has been extraordinary. I had thought I would make a couple of runs with the bits and bobs in the boot of my car, but actually we are going to need a van, possibly several! (Someone has kindly offered one, so that’s fantastic).It really has been overwhelming and I suspect there is plenty more to come. We have been asked to hold our donations until next week because the Polish community in Newport who are organising the transportation are rather overwhelmed and are establishing their systems, but please know that everything donated will go to those who need it. Thank you so much.  I know that all our villages and church communities have been involved, you really are a marvellous bunch.Thank you too to the wonderful women of St. Mary’s who have suddenly found themselves with quite a task!

It is of course essential that we accompany our actions with prayer, and our prayer with actions. To that end we will be having a time of quiet in St. Mary’s Usk on Saturday at 10am, with an opportunity to light candles, and concentrate on seeking God’s guidance and oversight, for all that is happening. Please do join us if you are able. There will be a number of small prayerful activities to be part of, and it will be suitable for children as well as adults.

Another thing to alert you to, is that tomorrow, Friday, at 3pm, the Catholic Church in Usk will be having the first of our Lenten Stations of the Cross. Please come along to this ecumenical service. We will be hosting some of them this ear, dates to be decided and I’ll let you know them when they are confirmed.
How is your Lent activity going? I need to make more time to be quiet and contemplative, but I haven’t eaten any cake yet!

I’m going to stop here, there is probably a whole heap more I should tell you, but for now, I hope you have a restful evening and I hope to see you on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, or even all three!

With love always,

Oooo Compline is back – 
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