LiFT 3rd August

Good evening all,

A late one this evening having just got back from attending Harry’s graduation ceremony. It was a lovely occasion. 

Part of the service reflected on how this particular cohort of students began their studies in a life of covid lockdown, with all their studies online, having been awarded their A levels based on course work etc. He didn’t meet his lecturers in person until year two and here he is , graduating and ready to begin the next phase of life.

We look back at what our parents and grandparents endured, but I suspect that we haven’t really noticed that we have lived through something that will be taught as a  moment of significant historical interest. And here we are, continuing to do our best, to love each other well, and to make a contribution to life around us. 

Let us be glad for all that God has provided, all that he has accompanied us through, and all that he will encourage us towards. It’s quite a balancing act to acknowledge struggle, endurance, hardship, and accomplishments, without feeling indulgent, victimised, resentful, or just cheesed off. My prayers tonight are ones of gratitude for all that has remained , for the awesome sense of human spirit that is within us, and for all that we have achieved and accomplished in the face of adversity and difficulty, whatever that might be. 

And that’s probably enough from me tonight – I’m tired and sentimental, a bit achy, and definitely way too rambling to be left alone with a keyboard!

With love and continued prayers for you all,

Sally xxx

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