LiFT 30th November

Good evening friends,

THe last day of November! How did that happen? This weekend sees the start of Advent and with it lots of lovely church activities and services. Such a wonderful season for us to show what joy our faith can bring us.

This week has been a time of two halves – I had a really fruitful Quiet Day with the curates on Tuesday and then spent today with other ministers considering conflict management and how our different styles of leadership work. In between I’ve written sermons, prepared services for Christmas, enjoyed toddlers and older people, visited some people, had a couple of positive meetings, and generally done the stuff of ministry. A full week! How are you? Has your week worked out well for you?

As we go through December, let’s up our prayers, remembering those for whom the season is difficult, those who might be dreading the time, and also those for whom we give thanks because they bring positivity and love into the spaces we share.

As part of the curares day they were invited to consider the following questions I now offer them to you, to consider too. I hope they get you thinking in a positive way.

When did you fall in love with Jesus?

Where do you find joy?

How do you live with hope?

With love to you,

Sally xxxx

–Please note I will not usually reply to emails received on Fridays as this is my rest day. If you need me urgently please send me a voicemail on my mobile number. Thank you for your understanding.

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