LiFT 2nd February

Good evening all,

How are you this week?

It’s been another very full week, with many highlights, but I have particularly enjoyed welcoming the whole of Usk Primary School into the church in Usk to celebrate the feast of Candlemas. We blessed candles for the children to use at prayer times in their classrooms, and we heard the story of the presentation of Christ at the temple. The words of Simeon are so well known to us as the Nunc Dimitis, and I introduced the children to a wonderfully sung version. They sat and listened beautifully. We lit candles and reflected on how Christ is the light of the world, and how we are lights that shine for him, no matter our age, our experience, or our skills. The children were amazing. I sometimes hear grumbles about how children aren’t in church with us on Sundays, but actually, they are wonderfully inquisitive about their faith, and are getting a good grounding in school. Open the Book are helping with that hugely. It really does encourage me that our church schools are exactly that – schools with church happening. More importantly, they are giving our children an opportunity to explore their beliefs creatively and deeply. Wonderful!

In other news, I have had several people comment on what an excellent sermon Archdeacon Stella preached on Sunday, at the MA service. I asked her if I could share the script with you, so if you missed it, please find it attached. Maybe you were there and want to read it for further reflection? It isn’t exactly as she preached it, but the message is loud and clear – relationships are what will grow faith. Something we all know very well and a message that is hugely encouraging. Please do read it and ponder. Come back to me if it sparks any ideas or you would like to discuss it further.

Finally, it feels like it’s time I said thank you to you all. I know I do this from time to time, but it is from my heart and it is important. You are all contributing to our church life in so many ways, some of you sacrificially, and I am immensely grateful for that. Please don’t do anything at the expense of family or your health, but I do acknowledge the hard work and long hours some of you give to church and our various activities. Thank you so so much. As Christians when we are seen by our neighbours and friends acting through faith, we set a wonderful example, and so many of you are doing that. What a lucky vicar I am, you make my calling easy to live out, and a joy to explore with you all. We are growing and changing all the time and I am very pleased I am doing it with you. Thank you.

And finally finally, I hope you have a lovely weekend, I cannot wait until tomorrow – a day off, much needed and hopefully restful.

With love,

Sally xxxx


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