LiFT 29th February

Good evening all,

How many of you have received proposals? How many are celebrating a birthday on the actual day? How many have just ambled through the day and not noticed the date? 🙂

Today I completed the tenth walk of the twenty I am undertaking. A handful of people have walked with me every day (or almost every day), some have walked once or twice, others have waved us off or greeted us. It is proving to be far more special than I could ever have imagined. Thank you so much. There are two other highlights – the conversations that I’m having along the way, some with church folk and others with people who are just along for the walk. I am also enjoying working out how the lanes all interconnect, and which churches are close as the crow flies rather than via the roads. For example, as we walked along the lane today, towards Monkswood Church, I was surprised to see Llancayo windmill, and then also Trostrey church. I hadn’t appreciated those churches were almost in each other’s view because the road route doesn’t suggest it. So much to learn about our beautiful area.

What news do I have? Well please don’t forget our service to celebrate St. David tomorrow (Friday) in St. Mary’s Usk at 2.30pm. It isn’t necessary to speak or understand Welsh, but there will be plenty spoken and sung. It will be a lovely occasion. Then, amongst all the other lovely services we have on Sunday there is a very special one in Llandenny at 4pm. it is for every age, it is outside, and it is a Wild Church looking at Lent. There are promises of puppets, a fire pit, and toasted marshmallows. I know you would be very welcome if you are interested. (Other services are available of course – it’s so important that we value all our worship!)

Finally, my usual prayer request! I have been meeting so many people over the recent weeks and I’m discovering that people really do like to know that they are prayed for. Prayer is so important – it is the back bone of our relationship with God, and we can pray prayers of thanks, to request, to say sorry, and to just offer ourselves into God’s care when we don’t know what else to ask. So I am asking that we pray as a Ministry Area this week, to thank God for our relationships, for the gift of prayer, and for the way he answers our prayers. If there is anything specific that you would like prayer for, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.

With love, Sally xxxx

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