LiFT 27th May

Good evening friends,

Well, it has happened – we are now the Heart of Monmouthshire Ministry Area, and what a lovely service it was with Bishop Cherry. I hope those of you who came agree. There should be some lovely photos too, the photographer was there to take pictures for the website etc. so we might be about to be famous!!! I was truly delighted with how many of you came, and I know some of you were unable to be there for very good reason. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement.

I was reminded during the service, as a sort of continuation of all sorts of extraordinary happenings this week, that we must take time to step back a little and see where God is at work and what he is doing. He really does have it all in his sights and I think sometimes when we get bogged down it’s hard to see and even harder to believe. Let us take heart from that – knowing that we just have to be faithful and prayerful, God will show us how to act.

This afternoon I had the pleasure of presiding at my first whole school Eucharist in Usk Church in Wales primary school. The children were completely mesmerised by the whole service, really soaking up the story, the drama, the very spirit of what was happening. I need to make more effort to see through the eyes of a child. Perhaps you do too?

In other news, can I just give you fair warning that there won’t be a letter next week, and there won’t be Compline on Sunday 5th June, although the Zoom room will be open if anyone wants to pop in and say it with others who turn up? 

Finally, you know what is coming – The links for Compline of Sunday and Morning Prayer on Monday.

Oh except, finally, finally, I hope to see as many of you as possible at the MA service in Usk on Sunday at 10.30am. There will be cake!!

With love, as always,

Sally xxx

 Morning Prayer Monday 9am

Meeting ID: 976 3247 4924

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Compline Sunday 8pm

Meeting ID: 899 9891 1774

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