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LiFT 24th September

Dear friends,

How are you? As I write this I am just a little distracted by all that needs doing before I go on retreat. The human psyche is a funny thing – suddenly things I have been procrastinating about for weeks have taken on an urgent air! While I am away I will be praying for you and all that is happening in our communities. The purpose of the retreat is to refresh and renew my relationship with God so that I can better serve you all, and together we can do God’s work. I am excited for our future. Please will you pray for me?

Just one thing of importance to share with you this week – I met this week with Fr. Bernard the priest of the Catholic Church in Usk. We had a wonderful chat about things that we can do together in the future and he has asked for our help. During the last year the Catholic church congregation has been running a food kitchen, providing hot meals on a weekly basis to people in and around Usk who are struggling in any way (financial difficulty, illness, loneliness, are some of the varied reasons people appreciate the help).New volunteers are always welcome and are in fact much needed and Fr. Bernard wondered whether any of us would be willing and able to be part of the team. Full food hygiene training will be given, free of charge (it’s online and done at our convenience) and the commitment to the project can be entirely your decision – once every couple of months, weekly, or anything in between. If you would like to know more please contact Dee Seabourne on It would be wonderful to increase our support of this much needed and valued Christian mission.

Compline will be happening on Sunday evening online on the usual link, I hope it goes well.There will be no Just FIve minutes next week.

And that, I think, is that!

Have a good week and I shall see you soon.
With love,
Sally xxxx


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