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LiFT 21st October

Good afternoon friends,

Is it me or is it chilly? And I’m getting caught out by the darker mornings! I don’t know why, it’s not as though we haven’t been through autumn and into winter before – how quickly we forget! Or perhaps, how quickly I forget! With this time of year comes the inevitable early planning for Remembrance Sunday and Christmas. The Remembrance Service in Usk will be in the morning this year, starting in the church at 10am, with the Silence at 11am at the memorial. I share this with you as it will be the first time in many many years that the service is a morning one.

I have this week been putting the finishing touches to our huge Advent/Christmas schedule of events and services, and oh my goodness there is a lot going on. You really are an amazing bunch of people with far more energy than I could have ever hoped for! I will try to create an attractive poster detailing all our services that can be shared with neighbours, friends, and put in noticeboards. 

While I think about services, can I remind you that on 21st November the bishop has invited us to hold a single service as the new Ministry Area, all twenty churches, as a celebration of all that we have in common. This service will be in St. Peter’s Church,Goytre, time to be confirmed. If you would like to go but need transport please let me know, and I will be glad to help. This is the only service in the Ministry Area that day.

And I think that is about it, a slow news week I think they call it! Don’t forget Compline on Sunday, via Zoom at 8pm, and keep in touch.
With love, and God Bless,

Sally xx


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