LiFT 21st March

Good evening all,

I hope this letter finds you well and that your week is unfolding in ways that work for you?

I must confess to being a little bit tired – in a good way. The walking has been wonderful but I’m ready to finish now – just two more to do – tomorrow (Friday) from Wolvesnewton to Usk, leaving at 9.30am, and then the grand finale from Usk to Llanbadoc on Saturday leaving at 9.30. If you’re able to join me that would be amazing! I have been overwhelmed by the level of support, care, and joy this has all involved and will write to you separately when it’s all over, to share my reflections and tell you what I’ve learnt. It really has been tremendous so far. (Please don’t let that be a jinx now, I’ve been accident and blister free up to this point!)

What else do I want to share? Oh yes! I’m sure you know but just in case, we will be welcoming William, our new vicar, at a special licensing service on Tuesday 30th April, 7pm. It will be in Usk and you are all warmly welcome to come along. The bishop will be conducting the service and there will be suitable evening refreshments after the service. We will from that date have a full team which is very exciting. Will and I move house during the week beginning 8th April, so that week will be utterly chaotic, and I suspect he following week will be a little strained – we have a lot of stuff! I will be working those weeks but bear with me if I’m a bit slow to get things done – I may not be able to find what I need! 

Finally, can I let you into a little secret? We’ve begun the planning for the Leading Your Church into Growth events! There will be lots of publicity and details after Easter, but the team planning it are very excited! The sessions are going to be lively, relevant, encouraging and above all helpful, and I know that we will start to see some wonderful things developing for the people amongst whom we live and work – there is so much potential around us, don’t you think?

We have actually already started the plan because we pray the prayer for growth every week in our intercessions or some other part of our service. Please let me know if you need another copy, and please keep praying – churches that speak positively about their future and talk about growth, grow! There is evidence to support this ststement 🙂

God of Mission 

Who alone brings growth to your Church, 

Send your Holy Spirit to give Vision to our planning, 

Wisdom to our actions, Joy to our worship, 

And power to our witness. 

Help our church to grow in numbers, 

In spiritual commitment to you, 

And in service to our local community, 

Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

And so, I need to stop now – I have a big walk tomorrow which needs proper preparation, by which I mean, some rather good cheese, a glass of something, and some rubbish tv. 

Much love to you, and please be in touch if I can help at all

Love Sally xxx

Please note that Friday is usually my rest day. Emails received on Friday may not be responded to until after the weekend. Thank you for your understanding.