LiFT 21st July

Good afternoon one and all,

Well it’s been a mixed week – I have picked up some of my work commitments which has been wonderful to do ,but unfortunately the fatigue that Covid has left me with is really miserable and I must confess to being exhausted. And so I am sorry – I know there are emails that are unanswered; please know it’s not because I don’t care or am not interested, I am simply tired and don’t want to answer with anything less than the care you deserve.

With this in mind I will continue to honour what is currently in my diary but won’t be booking anything extra at the moment – that has worked well this week, so I am confident that it will continue to be a good way to proceed. I’m just sorry I’m not more active and thank you for your continued care and prayers. 

Please do let me know how I can pray for you. I may not be running around as usual, but my prayer life continues unabated and I will happily pray for anything and everything 🙂

Let me tell you about what our school has been up to – Year six prepared to leave, ready for senior school, and this included two really rich and significant spiritual occasions with the church. 

Last Monday, with the year six children from Raglan School they walked from St. Marys. after a short act of worship, up to St. David’s Church Llangeview, as a pilgrimage, where they explored the concepts of Place, Journey, Looking Back, Hope for the Future, and Ourselves, all in the context of God and Faith. The stories I have heard suggest it was a wonderful day, if a little hot!

Then on Wednesday last week they travelled to the cathedral for a service with the bishop and other church schools across the diocese. Their final church event was a special leavers’ service in St. Marys’ led by younger members of the school, and including the presentation of a bible, dedicated to each child, presented by members of the Open the Book team. I think these services and occasions are wonderful examples of how church is so much more than a SUnday morning and how rich and varied our children’s spiritual lives are. Thank you to everyone who contributes in any way.

And that I think is that for this week.

With love to you all,

Sally xxx


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