LiFT 21st December

Good evening all,

This week is going on forever in some ways, and then in others I’m panicking because there’s so much still to do and the time is nearly all gone!

This morning the local school came into church for their carol service. They organised it themselves – readings, hymns, other music, prayers – it was stunning and made me think that next year I should make sure that congregations know so that you can join in – it really is one of the best things to do in the build up to Christmas.

One of the reasons it’s all feeling so pressured is because I am going on leave on Christmas day until my licensing as Ministry Area Leader on Sunday 14th January 2024. That break will be a good time for me to draw a line and reboot, so that I come back to the new role refreshed and able to start again. It’s a tricky transition because if I were completely new to you, there would be a warming up period, a sort of honeymoon, in which you wouldn’t expect much, and I would go carefully and not do too much as I get to know everyone and how it all works. It’s different of course because I know quite a lot about the Ministry Area and you already know something of the way I work. However, I don’t really know the Goytre and Raglan parts of our patch very well so I will need to spend time getting to know those people so that I know them as well as I know you. It’s an exciting time but a little daunting too!

The ministry team is an awesome bunch so I know that I am well supported, but I would be very glad of your prayers please as I make this transition to the new role. We have exciting times ahead of us, and I am confident that God will show us what he would like us to do to grow his kingdom.

Please be assured of my prayers over this season and I will see you on 14th January at 4pm in Raglan church. My next LIFT will be 18th January 2024 and will be sent to the whole MA!

With love and seasons greetings,

Sally xxx

Our contact details over the coming weeks are a little different, to cover the clergy leave and rest periods. 

Please have a look below to see who you should be contacting.

Administration Matters (fees, headstones): Gemma at 

Church Building Matters: a churchwarden.

Urgent Pastoral Needs: Contact the team members below for immediate priest assistance, including funeral inquiries or safeguarding.

Boxing Day, 26th DecemberAll areasRevd. Canon Steven James07984 025339
27th & 28th DecemberAll areasMrs Kay Spencer Lay Chair for the Ministry Area, who will contact a local member of the clergy if necessary07974 763527
29th, 30, 31st DecemberAll areasRevd. Canon Steven James07984 025339 
New Year’s Day, 1st January until 16th JanuaryUsk & Goetre AreasRevd. Sue Davies-FletcherM: 07340 172 445E: 
Raglan AreaRevd. Sarah RosserM: 07939 1342 212E: 

Thank you for your understanding and patience.  We wish you a Maerry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

–Please note I will not usually reply to emails received on Fridays as this is my rest day. If you need me urgently please send me a voicemail on my mobile number. Thank you for your understanding.

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