LiFT 20th April

Good afternoon lovely people, 

Doesn’t a little bit of sunshine make all the difference?!

Thank you for honouring my time off last week – it was a good break and we thoroughly enjoyed the change of scenery although it rained more in Dublin than it did here! I’m not a fan of Guinness but do agree that it is a very different drink in Ireland, rather lovely in fact. We also ate rather too many doughnuts but made up for it with a good amount of walking.

A couple of things to tell you about, or rather remind you about – we have the Ministry Area Annual Vestry Meeting after the group service on 30th April in Raglan (10.30am). Please think about coming along so that you can hear about the progress made in our first year of the new structures. If you are on the electoral roll you will also be eligible to vote as two of the roles on the council next year are being contested – we have two people willing to be people’s warden (they are your representative on the council) and two willing to become the lead of all things to do with property. If getting to Raglan is a problem please let me know as I’m sure I can arrange lifts for those who need them.

The second thing to alert you to is the Churches Unlocked Festival that is on during the first week of June. Several local churches are taking part including St. Cybi’s, Llangybi. There is a fantastic programme being developed under the care of Peter Foden and others, and it promises to be a wonderful celebration of every facet of churchlife. You don’t need to live in Llangybi to join in with all that is going on, and in fact, if you have a skill or talent that you would like to share please let me know, and we can see if you could be part of the events planned. I know that musicians willing to use the space during the week for rehearsals (as sort of background music) would be particularly welcome. We are also looking for willing people to just sit and be, and to welcome as the church will be open throughout the week (as usual) but we would like to ensure the welcome is especially warm. Please drop me a line if you are interested. To find out more about the festival look at this link, you’ll need to scroll down to St. Cybi’s.

Finally can I remind you that as your vicar I take very seriously my responsibility to pray for you. I pray for specific things and people every single day and would be willing to pray for you and any particular need that you have. Be certain that I pray for you all and consider it a privilege to do so. Thank you. I really do love being your vicar 🙂

With love to you all,

Sally xxxx
–Please note I will not usually reply to emails received on Fridays as this is my rest day. If you need me urgently please send me a voicemail on my mobile number. Thank you for your understanding.

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