LiFT 19th May

Good evening all,

A late one today, with good reason! Libby and I decided to take advantage of the tide times and we popped to Rest Bay for a little sea swim this evening. However, our plans were thwarted by a sea breeze far bigger than we anticipated, making the waves just a little too large to be safe. A bit of a shame but we still breathed salt air and enjoyed the wonderful sound of the waves crashing onto the beach. Sometimes it’s the simple things isn’t it?

What can I tell you this week?Well, on Thursday we have our special service to create the Heart of Monmouthshire Ministry Area, which promises to be rather lovely (7pm, Raglan Church, if you didn’t already know from the million other times I’ve mentioned it!!). Do please try to make it so that the bishop can see how devoted we are to our rural communities. There will be light refreshments after the service. If you need a lift please let me know.

Also next Thursday we have our first whole school Eucharist in over two years. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate with the children, than Ascension. Please do keep them in your prayers as they experience first hand this special service which they have spent half a term preparing for and learning about. I am so often amazed and overwhelmed by the way the children encounter God and are able to express their faith, Their generation is being given some wonderful opportunities to develop their spirituality and to encounter God.

As I sometimes do, I’d like to ask for your prayers this week for all those struggling with their own health, or the health of a loved one. There are lots of people anxious and trying to put on a happy disposition at the moment, and I know that our prayers bring great comfort. If you know anyone who would like to be prayed for specifically please let me know. Likewise, if you are aware of anyone who might welcome a visit from myself or one of the pastoral team, just drop me a line.

And that, I think, is that for this week. Apart, of course, from the usual links for Compline on Sunday and Morning Prayer on Monday.
see you soon, I have no doubt,

with love Sally xxx

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