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LiFT 18th November

Good afternoon lovely people,

I write this on the train home from Shrewsbury, having spent the day with priest friends who I trained with. As I have told some of you, we meet three or four times a year to reflect on our ministry, and to support each other. The day always has the same structure – we pray together, then we share our biggest moan, our biggest joy, and our hope for the next season. We also bring along a book we have read and offer a short review. We do all that around a good lunch and some general chit chat. it’s always a good day. So shall I share my part of the day with you?

My moan was about the amount of things that have to be done which take me away from being with people.

My joy was all of you and how much you appear to trust me and energise me.

My hope was that as we enter the new Ministry Area structure so more time will become available to do the parts of ministry that I love.

And the book I read was an amazing study on how to read the bible – How to Eat Bread, by Miranda Threlfall-Holmes – in twenty or so short chapters she describes and details over twenty ways to think about exploring and understanding the text of the bible. It’s a brilliant book and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for ways to engage with the bible, or find it difficult to appreciate.

These days are really useful reviews and it is important to have people who hold us accountable for our work life balance, our spiritual life, and who can be honest and kind. Do you have people like that in your life? Do you make the most of them?

In other news can I remind you that there is only one service in  the Ministry Area on Sunday, all other services are cancelled.We are meeting at St. Peter’s Goytre at 10.30am to join in Celebration Sunday with the rest of the diocese. The whole diocese isn’t going to be in one church, but in multiple churches and we will all be using the same liturgy. Bishop Cherry will be preaching to us all, via technology. It promises to be a joyous morning and I hope to see you there.

Over the next week or so all our churches will be receiving leaflets printed with all our Christmas services and I invite you to keep your eyes out for these and share them widely. I have printed several hundred so feel free to share them with your neighbours and friends, including those who may not regularly come to church. Carol services are often appreciated by a much wider number of people and it would be wonderful to throw wide open our doors and offer a good welcome to anyone who walks through them.

Finally, I am also distributing the bits and bobs for our Advent activity over the next week. This will consist of a wall display for all our churches with spaces for us to celebrate all the little acts of kindness that happen in our community. The project is entitled “Building a Community of Kindness”, and rather than giving us something else to do, it simply offers an opportunity to reflect and give thanks for the things that are already happening. Look out for it, and if you’d like to know more when you see it, please drop me a line.

Thank you for all that you do to make our churches welcoming and encouraging places to be. Thank you too for the care and love that you show to each other.

With my love and prayers,

Sally xx

Compline Sunday 21st November 8pm

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