LiFT 17th November

Good evening my friends,

How are you all? I must tell you that I am feeling energised and excited about preaching next year, having spent the day with Jane Williams learning about the Gospel of St. Matthew.

You may or may not be aware that at the start of advent each year we begin a new year in terms of the lectionary – the cycle of readings that we use for our services. We use a three year cycle, and in a slightly patchy way we work through Matthew, Mark, and Luke , one per year, with bits of John slotted in at various moments across all three years. We are just coming to the end of a year with Luke and will, from Sunday 27th November, be preaching predominantly from Matthew for the year ahead. Jane spent the day with all those who preach giving us huge amounts of background and context about Matthew and his Gospel, as a grounding for us to then develop our preaching week by week. I think it is very telling that a dear friend and colleague of mine, who has been ordained longer than I have been alive, was at this event – we always have something to learn don’t we? So that was my day – I now feel as though I know Matthew a little better, and am inspired to draw some themes and challenges in my preaching for us all. That can’t be a bad thing!!

My second thing to say is that I need to apologise for the sporadic nature of the Just Five Minutes videos. In the last few weeks the Thursday chat has not been reliable and I am sorry about that. The truth is that I’ve been flaky in the way I’ve been planning my time and it has simply slipped off my radar. It has been humbling to receive messages from people who miss the little films, and whilst I can’t promise to not miss another film date, I will be trying harder to not run out of time, or not forget. Thank you for being so patient and understanding.

Finally, I just wanted to let you know that despite life being hectic and there being very little time to sit still, I have a strong sense that God is walking very closely with us at the moment. There is a gentle feeling of excitement, anticipation, and hope; a bubbling just below the surface of everything that we do. I can’t explain it, I can only share with you that I feel that we are in a time that we should find encouraging. I’m not talking about anything in particular, just an inkling, through my prayers and conversations, and reflective moments, that we are getting things right, and that God has great plans for us. Oh to have the clarity of Jeremiah, but I am minded of that wonderful line he speaks, about God having plans for us, plans for us to prosper. Please join me in praying with thanks and hope that we might see what we are offering and how it is part of the bigger picture. You’re all such wonderful people, and I’m very glad to be ministering longside you, thank you.

Much love to you all, you know where I am if you need anything.

Sally xxx


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