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LiFT 17th February

Good afternoon! 

I expect you are just beginning to batten down the hatches, ready for tomorrow – it looks as though the weather is going to be rather lively!
Lots to tell you about today so I’ll get straight on with it.

I’m going to take a few days off next week and this is what it will look like, I hope – 
I’m not able to have a day off this week – circumstances beyond my control and trying to coordinate with other people’s diaries mean that I am working tomorrow. If you need me don’t hesitate to be in touch. In addition I have a significant amount of preparation to do so that I am ready for Lent – there’s our Lent activity to finalise, including a social media/online accompaniment which I have to devise (this is an excellent way of engaging with people who do not come to church so an important investment), Ash Wednesday to plan, and some Holy Week liturgy that needs to be completed so that it can be sent out in plenty of time for churches to organise how they might use it. All this is enjoyable but time consuming, 

So, I intend working from home for one or two days (Monday/Tuesday) – as long as it takes to get those things done, then take my day off carried over from this week (probably Wednesday) and then I’m off to Brighton with Will for three nights. (And yes I will be taking my swimming costume).This means that to all intents and purposes I will not be available from Sunday evening onwards for routine matters. If you have an urgent pastoral need please do ring though and leave a message, I will be picking up my phone messages.I will be back in proper contact on Monday 28th February, although that day will be spent catching up on what came in while I was away I suspect, and then on Tuesday 1st March I am on a study day! 

I tell you all this so that you understand where I am and why I may be slow to respond. Please please know that if it’s an emergency I will get back, those things will always take priority. I shall have an out of office response on emails until 28th Feb. I hope I’ve explained that clearly? Please ask questions if you have any 🙂
Alongside this, I hope you will understand that as a result there will be no Just Five Minutes until 3rd March, and there will be no LIFT next week. There will also be no Compline on Sunday 27th Feb. but I will leave the Zoom room open in case any of you want to drop in and hold the service without me.
You will receive a couple of emails from me while I am away but these have been scheduled so that they arrive at a good time for whatever the content is – for example, the reading sheets will be sent out on Mondays so that they don’t get confusing. So please don’t think I am secretly working, I’m just using the technology!

What else? We have our special service of Confirmation led by Bishop Cherry in Usk on Sunday. It starts at 3pm. It would be lovely to see people from across all our churches, for this celebration. There will be no Compline that evening but the Zoom room will be open if people would like to join each other and pray together.

Because there is no LIFT next week can I remind you about our Ash Wednesday Service on 2nd March at 7pm in Usk. This is for the whole Ministry Area. Beginning Lent with the Imposition of Ashes is not a bad idea, in fact I commend it to you!

Finally can I ask you to check your contact details for Carol Southwell, the Usk warden. If you have a mobile number for her this is to be disregarded please. Her correct number is 01291 672293. Thank you 🙂

And that, I think, is that! Sorry there’s no space this week for my usual ramblings, but please do continue to pray for all those in any kind of need, and I will be praying for you.
With love,
Sally xxxx


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