LiFT 16th June

Good evening my friends,

Hasn’t it been warm? I must confess to wilting rather for part of this week! I’m not complaining though, just wish I coped better with any and all our weather!

It’s been a strange week, none of it has gone as I might have expected or planned. I suspect we all have weeks like that, when we have to just throw our arms up and say “ok, we’ll do all that then instead!”

Having said it’s been strange, I’m not entirely sure that I much to tell you, there have been no extraordinary events, no moments of enlightenment, and no opportunities to shout loudly about something worth sharing. But some weeks go like that don’t they? I wonder whether they are God’s way of just reminding us that bread and butter, no jam, ordinary but busy days are essential and not to be underestimated. After all, I’d soon be moaning if I was overwhelmed and run ragged! Plodding through, and getting to the end are perfectly reasonable attributes aren’t they?

And so, let’s leave it there, with a simple reminder that Morning Prayer will be on Zoom at 9am on Monday. The link is below.

Compline is taking a pause and will not be part of our pattern of worship on Sundays for a little while. It was beginning to feel strange to say the prayers for the night when it was still warm and bright outside. I think too that we are all keeping going longer into the evening on these summer nights. I suggest we reconvene in September when the nights are drawing in again. I hope you understand.

You know where I am if you need anything and I’m always willing to chat. 

with love,

Sally xxxxxx

Morning Prayer Monday 9am

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