LiFT 16th December

Good evening friends,

I must confess to being a little panicked this evening as I think about how close Christmas is and how much there still is to do! I suspect I’m not alone. Most of the services are fully prepared now, just a few details to tidy up – the real work to be done is at home – tonight we will decorate the tree, and that just leaves the food shop, wrapping all the presents, writing a few cards, sending a carefully handwritten letter to my grandma, and celebrating Will’s birthday (Sunday)! All whilst working, I can’t imagine why I’m a little anxious!!

Actually, perhaps you’ve realised this too – it all gets done, it always does, and there’s nothing to worry about. The trick is to start with the things that can’t be compromised, delegate, and then don’t worry about what doesn’t get done.

And of course, in all that is the birth of a baby sent to turn the world upside down with a message of love and inclusivity. I know that is a story that we will hear in our churches over the coming weeks, and I also know that we are very aware of the true meaning of Christmas, but all the same, I need to be reminded, and perhaps you do too, to pause occasionally and just rest in that good news. It really does make everything easier when we do!

Can I just let you know about some changes to the services on Christmas Day – Llanbadoc are no longer having a service and Coed-y-Paen will be having a service of Morning Prayer, not Holy Eucharist.

At the moment there are no changes in the Covid guidelines but I would urge caution and care in attending services, health and wellbeing have to be the most important considerations so please don’t worry if we don’t see you at a service. Although you are of course very welcome!!
Finally can I just let you know that there will be no Compline this Sunday as there are Carol Services happening, and Compline is going to take a break over the coming weeks, returning on Sunday 9th January 8pm on Zoom.

WIth love, Sally xxxx


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