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LiFT 14th October

Good Afternoon Friends,

Well! The church season of harvest is over and we turn our attention towards Remembrance and then, dare I say, Christmas! We have been busy working on the Christmas service rota, with an emphasis on offering a variety of good quality worship that will satisfy the needs of the faithful and at the same time encourage those who are occasional worshippers or may be considering coming to church for the first time. Lots to think about, and catering for all those diets is quite a challenge! 

The nights are drawing in too aren’t they? A sure sign that autumn is here and winter is on its way. With it comes cooler temperatures and this may begin to present a challenge to us as we try to keep our church doors open during our worship, ro reduce the risk of Covid infections. There’s a balance to strike, as in all things, and we must be mindful to not waste money heating buildings that we need to keep well aired, whilst also trying to offer a warm welcome (in both senses of the phrase!) If you would like to bring a blanket to church, or even a hot water bottle, I suspect others will be quite jealous; please wrap up and do what you need to do to keep warm. (It’s my feet that get cold, standing for long periods on damp stone floors – I have a lovely range of thermal socks and tights!!)

But enough of my ramblings. Please don’t forget we have our Zoom Compline on Sunday evening, and you know where I am if you need me or fancy a chat.
With love to you all, and I am of course praying for you all.
Sally xxxx

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