LiFT 14th December

Good evening my friends,

How are you this week? I’m trying not to be stressed! Trying to organise the family Christmas alongside making sure that everything we do in church is of the best quality is quite a lot of work! The church bit is the easy stuff though. If anyone has any ideas for how to get two of my sons to understand that next week will be too late to give me suggestions for presents they might like, please let me know! At this rate they will be having just an orange and a walnut in the bottom of their stocking, and maybe a selection box and some chocolate coins if they are lucky hahaha!

The carol services and school activities are in full flow, and I am reminded that viewing Christmas through the eyes of children is so different from our adult experience. They seem to slip into the sense of expectation with wonder and awe, and I’m minded to think we should all try to be a bit more like that. There are several memes flying around social media which I rather like. The gist of them is about how it isn’t how much money we spend so much as how we make people feel .And it’s right! I can’t remember what Father Christmas brought me on any specific Christmas, but I can remember (in a muddled sort of way) who was sitting at the dinner table, the funny games we played, the songs we sang, and the sense of excitement. (I also remember gently electrocuting myself on my grandad’s heath robinson electric set up for the tree lights, but that’s another story!!) Christmas is a funny old time of the year isn’t it? Perhaps you are looking forward to it, maybe it’s a season of mixed blessings. Whatever it is for you I hope you are able to keep that sense of excitement and awe at the coming of Jesus as a tiny helpless baby, fully human, knowing what it feels like to be us. How utterly extraordinary!

Please join me in praying during these final days of Advent and preparation, and don’t hesitate to be in touch if there is anything you need or think I can help with .

With my love and prayers for you all,

Sally xxx

–Please note I will not usually reply to emails received on Fridays as this is my rest day. If you need me urgently please send me a voicemail on my mobile number. Thank you for your understanding.

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