LiFT 13th October

Good evening lovely people,

It’s a strange evening – I’m sat in the hospital while my daughter has tests and waits for surgery!

I was due to go on retreat on Monday which has been pushed back to Tuesday so that I can attend my grandma’s funeral in Kent on Monday. I will still go to the funeral but I may not go on the retreat. We will decide that when we know what is going on with Libby. I would be very grateful if you could hold this whole situation in prayer and I hope you will understand if I don’t reply to your emails for the next day or so. If I do go on retreat then I will be back in action next Saturday (22nd). I doubt I will be efficient with any admin until after that date whatever happens. I really am very sorry. 

If you have any pastoral needs over the next week please don’t hesitate to contact Rev Sarah or Rev Kevin. 

In other news it has been wonderful to celebrate harvest over the last week or so. Our churches looked resplendent and you should be very proud of all the hard work and energy that went into this topical and special celebration. Thank you everyone. 

Please excuse the brevity of this email. I’ll be in touch when I’m back in action. Don’t worry, Llangybi, I’ll be with you on Sunday come what may 🙂 

Much love to you all, you are in my prayers, of course. 

Sally xxx