LiFT 12th May

How are you all?

It’s been another full and productive week and it’s been made much easier by the lovely weather the beginning of the week offered, although I am well aware that our gardens and fields are crying out for rain. Something I’ve always thought it important to bear in mind about praying is that God will always answer our prayers in the right way, which may not be the way we expect. I remember the first time I realised a very practical example of this as I was praying for sunshine one day for a wedding couple, while I suspected a farmer just down the road was praying for rain, and what is God to do with those conflicting prayers? Even the weather can teach us something about our faith!

Just a couple of things to draw your attention to – please can I give you yet another reminder about the service that Bishop Cherry will be leading, in Raglan Church, on Thursday 26th May at 7pm. It is the service to bring into being the Heart of Monmouthshire Ministry Area. it promises to be a lovely service. Bishop Cherry is so warm and encouraging and I’m sure that she will want to meet as many people as she possibly can. She spends much of her day with clergy, so meeting parishioners, for whom she has ultimate shepherding responsibility, is something that she loves to do. Let’s try and show her that God is very much at work in our countryside communities.This service is swiftly followed by a MA service in Usk on Sunday 29th May at 10.30, when we will be worshipping all together with a joint choir, so the music will be fantastic! If you require transport for either of these services please let me know.

Apart from the usual invitation to Compline and Morning Prayer on Zoom, links and days below, there is just one other thing to share with you.Below there is also a link to  the Church in Wales latest information about safeguarding. If you have responsibility for being the safeguarding link in any of our churches, this letter is well worth reading. It’s quite short and offers helpful signposts to those who we should be in touch with.It is worth reminding ourselves that the safety and wellbeing of everyone in our churches is the responsibility of us all, and that duty of care applies to absolutely everyone, not just children. All of us require care and are vulnerable at times, so please do have a look and at the attached, and if you would like to know more, or would like to do any training, please let me know.

I am off to the theatre tonight with Libby, my first time in over two years, it should be fun. I hope you have something lovely planned for the weekend and look forward to hearing from you or seeing you soon.

With love,
Sally xx

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