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LiFT 11th November

Good afternoon lovely people,

How are you on this dreary November day?

What do I need to share with you this week? It’s been another busy week but today we have all been reminded of the importance of stopping, pausing, making a moment for stillness, to reflect upon things above and beyond the mundane transactional things of our day. Two minutes doesn’t seem a lot to offer by way of remembrance; so many lives lost, so much suffering. I have been aware of Acts of Remembrance in our schools, with our uniformed organisations, in church services, and in our communities, and I must confess that it gives me great encouragement that so many of you make remembering a priority. Thank you.

When we lead such busy lives, being able to stop for a moment and consider, in the stillness, bigger, harder aspects of humanity is to be commended. Prayer can be a little like this – we can be so busy doing the important day to day things that we forget or don’t prioritise the importance of taking a moment or more to be still before God, checking that we are listening to his will for us. But setting aside a few minutes every day to make proper space for a conversation with God can only be good for us can’t it? Perhaps we should try a little harder to do it?

! I know from bitter experience that the occasions when I don’t think I have time to pray are precisely the moments when it is most important that I make the time! Will you join me in making a concerted effort to give just a little more time, day by day, to be quiet with God, discerning his well for us?
And perhaps that is a good place to leave it for this week.

I look forward to seeing some of you at my home on Sunday, and if you can’t make it, don’t worry, I’ll do it again.
With love, as always,

Sally xx


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