LiFT 11th August

Good afternoon on this hot summer’s day, I trust you are well?

I expect many of you have already heard, and it is with great sadness that I start this letter with the news that Rev’d Bob Greenland sadly died on Tuesday. He had a peaceful end at home, with his family, and I am sure you will join me in offering condolences and love to Scilla, their children and grandchildren, and all Bob’s family and friends. 

No doubt you have stories and memories of Bob, he was a man deeply connected to so many parts of Monmouthshire life. We are very fortunate to have been able to know him, and his ministry amongst us and particularly in the community in Wolvesnewton, has been a shining example of God at work. Please hold the congregation and community of Wolvesnewton in your prayers as they begin to grieve the loss of their priest, and if you are not sure where to worship over the next few weeks, I can heartily recommend a trip into the countryside to be with them at the church of St. Thomas a Becket, to show your support and your care for them at this time. It’s a little gem of a church and you will be greeted like an old friend.

Funeral arrangements for Bob have yet to be made and I will update you in due course.

It feels flippant to follow such weighty news with a holiday announcement but I want to give you plenty of notice that I will be unavailable from Friday 19th August until Wednesday 31st August as I will be in Texas with Will. He is actually going out for a month to catch up with family and to take Isaac to university; it will be his first trip home in three years. If you have any urgent needs then please contact Kevin Hasler in my absence.

FInally a little thank you. I am watching and noticing so many acts of kindness, and moments of community care amongst you all, and it really is very touching and encouraging. I think our communities are wonderfully caring within and across the various villages and hamlets, so thank you! I listened to the Bishop of the Highveld speak yesterday about how he is quietly envious of our closeness geographically, and it occurred to me that this is a real plus point for us. He also mentioned how well resourced he thought we are, which got me thinking in a completely different direction, and that’s probably best saved for another day!

So to finish, love each other well, please continue to pray for those who need our prayers, and don’t hesitate to be in touch if you think I might be the person you need to speak with.

With lots of love,

Sally xxx


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