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LiFT 10th February

How are you all?

Thursday has come around very quickly this week! It has been a week of huge variety and many blessings. Often the blessings are when and where I least expect them – the quiet moments, and the surprising moments. We are surrounded by wonderful people, with so many gifts, hopes, and talents, and so many points of agreement and diversity. How wonderful! Thank you to everyone, for being so open, willing, generous, and hopeful. I am very glad to be with you all.

What news do I have for you?

Just one important thing to share with you – Kay Spencer, on behalf of the new Heart of Monmouthshire Ministry Area, is inviting everyone who leads intercessions or would like to lead intercessions to a meeting. This is to look at ways of working across the new MA, sharing resources, and looking at ways we can pray for each other together. If you are interested please can you let me know. The meeting is in St. Cadoc’s Church Raglan, on Tuesday 15th February at 7pm.

I think this is a wonderful opportunity and hope you will consider going.

And perhaps that’s enough for tonight, not least because it’s nearly past my bedtime!

Don’t forget Compline on Sunday at 8pm though :0)

With love,
Sally xxxx
Compline Sunday 13th February 2022 8pm
Meeting ID: 899 9891 1774
Passcode: COMPLINE


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