LiFT 10th August

Good evening friends,

I trust you are well and that something this summer is bringing you joy? Is it big or small? Sometimes the best of joys is in the little things, don’t you think?

Next Thursday I will send my letter as usual as my last piece of work before I fly to the USA to visit Will’s mum and take a holiday. I’m giving you a week’s notice just in case there is anything really urgent that you wanted to be in touch about. Next week is already full but I am happy to chat on the phone or answer emails of course, if you have anything you need to chat about before September. I will be back on 1st Sept. and will be in full swing from the Sunday/Monday.

And what about this week? Well it’s been a good week with some interesting conversations and meetings about the future. The overwhelming mood from people is one of hope and optimism. There’s a good feeling, and none of us can put our finger on precisely what it is that is giving this feeling. That all sounds rather exciting to me – these feelings rarely come from nowhere, perhaps they are God at work in our midst, helping us to connect and be his hands and feet in our communities. We all feel pressure to fill our churches and make the books balance, but actually our buildings and our cash are tools for the real work – bringing those we meet into relationship with God by loving them and not judging them. Perhaps that is what we are sensing? One of the things about this that is important is that we must share it. When we tell others that we are hopeful, when we celebrate publicly, when we share our optimism it can become infectious, and it encourages others. Churches that talk about positive things become positive places. 

FInally, can I ask you for your prayers please. Alongside all that is wonderful, which definitely needs our prayers, I am also aware that some are struggling. Let’s not forget to pray for those who are finding life tough at the moment. Thank you.

I shall see lots of you at the Big Breakfast on Saturday I hope (Memorial Hall, Usk, 8-11m) or perhaps at church on Sunday.

With love Sally xxxx

–Please note I will not usually reply to emails received on Fridays as this is my rest day. If you need me urgently please send me a voicemail on my mobile number. Thank you for your understanding.

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