Ordination of the Rev’d Bob Greenland

Rev'd Bob Greenland

Bishop Richard

A wonderful event in the life of our Ministry Area occurs this Saturday when Bob Greenland is ordained priest by the Rt Reverend Richard Pain, Bishop of Monmouth at Newport Cathedral – St Woolos.  The ordination service, to which everyone is invited, begins at 10.30 am.  One other priest is also to be ordained as well as a number of new deacons.

Following the service Rev’d and Mrs Greenland are hosting a reception at Model Farm to which friends, colleagues and folk from the Ministry Area are warmly invited.

Ordination is an important event in the life of the church when those called to serve the church are set aside with the laying-on of hands and anointing.  At our service the newly ordained priests receive a chalice and paten, a priests stole and a bible as the essential tools of the role and calling.

Apostolic succession is considered an essential and necessary concept for ordination, in the belief that all ordained clergy are ordained by bishops who were ordained by other bishops tracing back to bishops ordained by the Apostles who were ordained by Christ, the great High Priest, who conferred his priesthood upon his Apostles.

There are three “degrees” of ordination (or holy orders): deacon, presbyter, and bishop. Both bishops and presbyters are priests and have authority to celebrate the Eucharist. In common use, however, the term priest, when unqualified, refers to the rank of presbyter, whereas presbyter is mainly used in rites of ordination and other places where a technical and precise term is required.

Only a person ordained to the priesthood may administer certain sacraments, serve as the ordinary minister of giving the host during Communion, anointing the sick- unction, presiding at Requiem or Memorial services or religious marriages involving a Mass, or celebrating any Mass- the Eucharist).